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Vaso Michopoulou has a degree in Biology from the School of Sciences, University of Athens, Greece a Master of Arts on Policy Management and International Politics from the Department of Political Sciences and International Relations, University of Peloponnese at Corinth, Greece and she is a PhD candidate in International Relations. She is a member of European Journalists (AEJ), European Journalism Center (EJC), Reporters without Borders (RSF), Balkan Association of Science Journalists (BASJ), Panhellenic Federation of Journalists (POESY), Athens Daily Newspapers Journalists Union (ESIEA), and Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists (PEV). She has a professional experience as a science journalist for nineteen years working in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and web media (television, e-newspapers and news blogs). Fifteen years of work experience at the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT, currently known as NERIT) as a chief editor for the News broadcast and reportage shows related to science and international politics (interviews, publication and editing, production of documentaries, free and social reportage, live broadcasts). Currently she works as a Press & Communication Officer of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Society and of the Bioinformatics & Human Electrophysiology Lab of Ionian University, Corfu, Greece. She works also as free lance writer for daily newspapers, e-newspapers and science magazines, and organises science communication activities between scientists and the public (interviews with prominent scientists, conferences, science cafes). She has attended several conferences and seminars and she has made exclusive interviews from experts in several scientific fields (CERN physicists, European and Greek environmental scientists, EU Brain project neuroscientists, Max Planck Institute bioscientists etc.) for Greek media. She has participated in ecological field research projects, has translated scientific texts, and has participated in scientific publications and she has presented oral talks in several International and Greek conferences.

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