Bringing Pain Relief…

We have got 10 invitations for EUSJA members to attend the Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC) “Pain in Europe”.

EUSJA journalists were invited to this important scientific event twice – in 2013 to Florence and in 2015 to Vienna. This year EFIC will hold its Pain in Europe conference titled “Bringing Pain Relief to All Patients” in the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 6 to 9. The multidisciplinary programme covers a wide range of topics related to pain. Some of the world’s leading pain experts who will be presenting are: Tim Deer (neuromodulation), Stephen Ward (2016 NICE Guideline on evidence based management of low back pain and sciatica), Ruth Defrin (stress and pain), Mary Ann Fitzcharles (medical cannabis), Henrik Kehlet and Dan Carr (Post-op pain), and Serge Perrot (fibromyalgia). See more about the programme at

The grant covers up to 4 night accommodation (starting from September 5), meal and local transfers inside Copenhagen. Journalists must take care of their travel expenses. The applications (name, media, country, association, e-mail, mobile) must be sent via national association by July 31.

About Viola Egikova

Viola Egikova - science journalist based in Moscow, president of Intellect, former Vice-President of the European Union of Science Journalists' Associations, Programme Coordinator of All Russia Science Festival