Freelance Opportunities

Print pagePDF pageEmail page is focused on providing news related to research results of EU funded research projects.

The site has, until now, mainly focused on  videos content and is now developing its written news. is currently putting together a list of freelancers who may be available for commissions in the short to medium term.
The primary focus in the short term will be on environment, and sustainable buildings before spreading in the medium term to cover health, food, fisheries and agriculture.
It is anticipated that the focus will further expand to encompass all areas of research in the longer term.

If you are interested in being included in the pool of  freelance writers for this site, please send a copy of your CV as well as some recent clips to:

Sabine Louet
Email: sabine.louet[at]

About Fabio Turone

Fabio Turone directs the Agency Zoe of scientific and medical information. He is President of Science Writers in Italy, Course Director of the International School of Science Journalism based in Erice, Sicily, and works with UNESCO at the Balkan School of Science Journalism.