Job: Science communication/media officer in the Galapagos

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The Charles Darwin Foundation has asked for this job offer to be disseminated:

Potentially a wonderful opportunity, for someone who has some Spanish. The Charles Darwin Foundation in the Galapagos Islands is looking to hire a Science Communicator. Fulltime position, based in Santa Cruz/Galapagos Islands Start date 1st of August 2012. Fluency in Spanish and English required. Existing experience in Galapagos highly advantageous. Salary and other benefits will be negotiated individually.

We are also open to hear from applicants who are seeking a part-time position in the area of communication. The position is aimed at communicating the successful science and conservation work that is being carried out in the archipelago, and where the Foundation is one of the organisations that is contributing to these efforts. It is also aimed at ensuring that the Foundation adheres to the various communication protocols that it has with its partners and stakeholders. Following a restructuring that was begun in July 2011 and that will be finished during the coming months, our communication department had temporarily gone to having zero staff members. Rebuilding the team from scratch represents an opportunity to take the communication abilities of the Foundation to a new level in a range of media. We recently already kickstarted our work with the local and national press in Ecuador.

To further increase our ability to communicate with the media both in Ecuador and internationally, to expand our website capabilities, and to create communication products aimed at our national stakeholders, we are seeking to fill the Science Communicator position. The Charles Darwin Foundation is currently revitalizing and strengthening its team. Backed by a number of long-term donors, the organisation is preparing to significantly expand its scientific capacity and its ability to work with the different agencies of the Government of Ecuador, most notably the Galapagos National Park, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Consejo de Gobierno.

Terms of reference available from Please send both a CV, as well as a letter stating why you are seeking this position and why you believe that you are the right applicant.

Applications to be sent to: and .

About Fabio Turone

Fabio Turone directs the Agency Zoe of scientific and medical information. He is President of Science Writers in Italy, Course Director of the International School of Science Journalism based in Erice, Sicily, and works with UNESCO at the Balkan School of Science Journalism.