Women at the top

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Barbie Drillsma, a UK freelance journalist, writer and editor and Viola Egikova, science desk chief on a daily Moscow newspaper have been elected President and Vice-President of EUSJA, the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations at EUSJA’s general assembly in the Netherlands.

Wolfgang Goede, a senior editor at German’s popular science magazine, PM takes on the role of Hon Secretary whilst Dutch broadcaster and science editor, Elmar Veerman is treasurer.

Menelaos Sotiriou, writer, broadcaster and editor of Greece’s Science View and Fabio Turone, freelance science journalist and director of the Agency Zoe based in Milan have been co-opted to the board with special responsibilities for fund-raising and strengthening social media networks.

“As our profession struggles through the mire created by failing economies, cut-backs and plummeting circulation figures we must become innovative and explore all avenues to trade our wares and stay solvent,” says Barbie Drillsma.

“We also need EUSJA to become increasingly recognised as a vital tool in the telling of the wealth of science stories emerging from Europe and play a role in decision-making when it comes to the critical dissemination of such information.”

About Fabio Turone

Fabio Turone directs the Agency Zoe of scientific and medical information. He is President of Science Writers in Italy, Course Director of the International School of Science Journalism based in Erice, Sicily, and works with UNESCO at the Balkan School of Science Journalism.