How to post a blog on the EUSJA website

Instructions for EUSJA members/guest bloggers invited by the Webmaster

(Each text is published under the poster’s full responsibility, but the Webmaster reserves the right to amend or remove parts or entire posts that are judged inappropriate).

1) Click on “Your contribution is welcome!” in the right column, and follow the instructions on how to register/login
(this will first create your profile as a simple “subscriber”; in a later moment you will have to contact the webmaster to be authorized as an “author” and allowed to post new articles).



2) Once you are logged on WordPress, on the top right of your page the system will greet you with “Howdy ‘your username’!”. Complete the fields in the profile page as you like, and add a picture with your portrait/avatar. In alternative, you may create a profile with picture on the website Gravatar, from where your picture will be acquired automatically by the system.
(If you don’t remember your password, click on “Lost your password?” and enter your email – then you get an e-mail a link and the instruction on how to create a new password).


3) Click on the left top + New, this will open a drop-down menu, in which you will choose “post”.




4) Enter the title, preferrably a short, snappy and provocative one (and end it with – by ‘your name”)

5) Then go to the box below and enter your text, make sure to break it into many paragraphs because it facilitates the reading!

6) Assign your post to the category BLOG.



6) Look for one or more pictures to put inside your text in order to make it more attractive. Upload them by clicking the corresponding word above the bar. Make sure it is a low resolution picture of a sufficient quality and especially with a noncontroversial copyright!


7) Select the image file from your computer and upload it.

8) Always remember to select also a “Featured image”, that will be used by the system to illustrate your piece in the home page carrousel and in all index pages on the website.

9) When you are satisfied with the editing, you need to add the relevant tags, by writing them in the right column, seperated by a comma. Remember to click the “Add button”.

10) At this point you can have a look at the preview, to check in advance what the readers will see (the preview will open in a new frame of your browser).

11) Finally you can either click on Publish, if you’re 100% sure that everything is ok wth your post…

… or save a draft, and contact EUSJA Webmaster and board member Fabio Turone (turone at asking for assistance. The “Save Draft” button should be used often while composing the post to make sure that the job  done doesn’t get lost in case of trouble.

About the Author

Satu Lipponen is president of EUSJA, Twitter @Lipponen5