Author: Gorm Palmgren

  • First EUSJA and NUCLEUS workshop was held in Helsinki, Finland

    The first Science Journalist Network workshop focusing on RRI and journalism was held in Helsinki, Finland on the 2nd of May 2016. Public engagement is a key to RRI. But is it the responsibility of science journalists? The debate was lively and engaged and brought up many interesting issues. Those of you who were not in Helsinki as part…



    NUCLEUS is a four year-long EU project. You can read more here. You are more than welcome to participate in debates, if you have information or questions concerning journalism and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation). You are also encouraged to join the facebook group EUSJA and NUCLEUS and post any input or question you may have.

  • Dilemmas at work – NUCLEUS workshop in Manchester

    The EU project NUCLEUS is attempting to implement RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) in research institutions around the world. It is still a question though, whether science journalists have a responsibility when it comes to RRI, and – if we do – how we can ensure RRI in our research and reporting. By Berit Viuf and…

  • Responsible Research found in a cell

    The European Union has several projects that explore RRI. One of them, NUCLEUS, is not only exploring the concept itself, but also investigating how it can come into practice. By Berit Viuf “We want to see change. We have been discussing this for so long and we need some achievement. Now, for the first time, we…