The Helsinki workshop

EUSJA workshop at the 2013 Helsinki World Conference
of Science Journalists on «Blood Infusion»

Wolfgang-introEUSJA is committed to raise the professional standards. At the 8th World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki, it ran a training workshop for some 30 colleagues from around the world.

It addressed three major challenges of the job: investigation, statistics, storytelling.

The lecturers Hans van Maanen, Angela Posada-Swafford and Fabio Turone are all seasoned science journalists. Here you find their curricula & summaries, pix & interviews, in one word: the ESSENTIALS.

They may serve as a guide and thanks to WCSJ 2013 for having enabled this!

Wolfgang C. Goede, Session Organizer

PS: Please observe latest developments on Investigation, Data Journalism & Big Data;

A few impressions from the presenters and some participants
(7 short videos,  you can skip from one to another
– Apologies for the bad quality of the audio)

 Wolfgang C. Goede holds a master’s degree in political and communication science (LMU Munich: 1984) and a specialization in science journalism. He has served as an editor for Germany’s leading popular science magazine P.M. for 28 years. The resident of Munich is a board member of the German Association of Science Writers TELI and co-initiator of its Science Debate (, co-founder of the World Federation of Science Journalists WFSJ and a member of the International Science Writers Association ISWA. Since 2012 Wolfgang has been the Honorary Secretary of the European Science Journalists EUSJA. He served as a member of the British Council’s Science Think Tank and has been the speaker and co-organizer of numerous journalistic workshops (ESOF, PCST, WCSJ). His engagement revolves around the state of the art of science journalism, its ethics and history, democratic claims and reality.

About the Author

Satu Lipponen is president of EUSJA, Twitter @Lipponen5