Roll-out Science Debate

PresseClub Wiss-Deb 020At ESOF 2010 Turin EUSJA introduced the Science Debate as a new method to make science more robust, promote citizens’ participation and create new jobs for science journalists. During this year’s world conference of science journalists in Helsinki EUSJA president em. Hajo Neubert and EUSJA treasurer Priit Ennet delivered a progress report and demonstrated what science debates can reach on the international level.

However, so far  this format was, by and large, an academic one, until last Tuesday. Munich’s International PressClub sponsored the rollout, a live science debate on demography, mandatory retirements and pensions. Researchers, representatives of NGOs and the civil society as well as politicians participated to outline new models of employment.

In mid September Germany will have general elections. Before the electorate goes to the polls, the science debate model will be presented at a national press conference as a new tool for science and science journalists. This also opens the way to Brussels.

The debate format fullfils EU requirements for outreach. With the launch of Horizon 2020 in the beginning of 2014 this format can become very handy, also for the new EUSJA projects. So please stay tuned, comment and help to make this model a European success.

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