Are you interested in nanotechnology? Would you like to know more about nanotechnology? Would you like to be part of the debate on nanotechnology?


If you can answer yes to these questions you may use 5 minutes to fill in the nanotechnology questionnaire for journalists. A number of journalist from different countries and with different experience who have completed the questionnaire will be offered to participate in role play games on nanotechnology with decision makers.


NANO2ALL ( is a project funded by the European Commission, under the framework of Horizon2020 (H2020) programme. It aims to facilitate a dialogue between scientists, businesses, governments, media, civil society organisation and citizens to discuss the important issues which arise from the use of nanotechnologies. NANO2ALL will also collect and share knowledge, tools and best practices of responsible nanotechnology research and innovation. The results of these activities will help the adoption of a more responsible nanotechnology research and innovation (R&I) in Europe both at the level of governance and R&I conduction.

Among its activities, NANO2ALL aims to assess and increase the knowledge of the different societal groups about concepts, like nanotechnologies, responsible research and innovation, as well as techniques for exploring future scenarios and for stakeholder engagement in research, development and innovation, among others.
Media and journalists like yourself play important roles in communication to the general public and specialised audiences. However, there is little information about what journalists know about nanotechnology, what they would like to learn about the technology and about responsible research and innovation (RRI) to be able to report accurately the latest trends.
In this view, we are now requesting you to kindly please fill out an online survey that helps us learn about your knowledge about such concepts and techniques. Please fill out the online survey that should take maximum 5 minutes of your precious time:
Your personal details will be treated carefully and confidentially and will not be shared without your prior written consent. Please see the Nano2all informed consent form at the bottom of the questionnaire.

We would greatly appreciate your response by June 10, 2016.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions / comments. Please contact Dr. Ineke Malsch: