EUSJA appoints Executive Secretary


European Union of Science Journalists’ Association EUSJA has appointed an Executive Secretary, Ms Johanne Martinez- Schmitt, based in Strasbourg. She started in her work 1st December 2014.

EUSJA president Satu Lipponen says that there were several good reasons for a new job:
” We operated in 2014 four EU projects and want to collaborate actively on European level. These projects need an experienced administrator.”

Board positions are honorary, so recruiting Executive Secretary is a big step for EUSJA professionally.

Lipponen points out need for active web and social media presence, forthcoming second European conference in November in Budapest and EUSJA 45th anniversary in 2016.

“EUSJA is very lucky to have Johanne Martinez-Schmitt working in Strasbourg, home to EUSJA, EuroScience, European Science Foundation and many other European institutions.”

Jens Degett, EUSJA board member and president of the Danish Science Journalists was responsible for recruitment process. The board of EUSJA approved the selected candidate.
“We had 15 very good candidates. With Johanne Martinez-Schmitt, we got an experienced and dedicated person with very specific EU project management skills and training that suits our needs. She will be able to make a difference for EUSJA in becoming a more professional organisation with further impact and benefits for our members”, says Jens Degett.


Johanne Martinez-Schmitt, 42. Is holding a French University degree in Information/Communication.
She joined the European Science Foundation (ESF) in 1996 as Webmaster and Communication officer. She also  worked  a    little for The European Science Communication and Information Network (ESCIN) and the World  Federation of  Science    Journalists (WFSJ) at that time and was in charge of the dissemination of press releases. In  2006 she had the  opportunity to  integrate the Science Units, first as Administrator for ESF EUROCOES  (EUROpean COllaborative  RESearch Scheme) in the  field of Medical Sciences and Communication Officer for the  Unit.  Then she moved to the Space Sciences Unit in 2009 to  manage and administrate an international Peer Review  mission  for the European Space Agency (ESA) and other European and international partners. Since 2010, she was  the  Administrative Coordinator for the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) and has been involved in 5 EC  contracts  for which she has various responsibilities such as: Administrative Coordination, project and  communication officer. She has officially joined EUSJA as full-time Executive Secretary 7 January 2015.
Johanne Martinez-Schmitt is French by nationality, speaks very fluent English and lives in Strasbourg. She is married and has 2 children.

Contacts for Johanne Martinez-Schmitt is: johanne[at]



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