EUSJA GA and visit to Milano, Italy, 25.-28.1.2023

26.1. 2023

EUSJA General Assembly -meeting was implemented as in the EUSJA constitution article 4: Assembly (updated version 24.3.2018). In the beginning of the meeting president Jens Degett welcomed the delegates from different countries, some of them were attending via online video call. Degett gave a president’s report about the activities of EUSJA, told about former EU-projects, past events etc. Treasurer Kaianders Sempler introduced a financial report of EUSJA. The reports were approved by the general assembly. Also a new board for EUSJA was formed: Mari Heikkilä, President, Jens Degett, Vice-President, Alberto Pieri, Treasurer, Dino Trescher, Honorary Secretary.We also discussed about the current situation of EUSJA member associations and science journalism in different countries.

EUSJA GA meeting 2023 in Milan. Foto: Marina Huzvarova.

Visit to IFOM. IFOM is a cancer research institute focused on the study of cancer formation and development at molecular level. There were many very interesting research topics, such as the research about how SARS-CoV-2 damages DNA and causes cellular aging and inflammation — which can be linked to long COVID symptoms. Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna told us about the this interesting research, which was later published in Nature Cell Biology ( It was also very interesting to see the cancer cell microscoping in laboratory and hear how the different cancer types are diagnosed. We also heard about liquid biopsy of cancer and how glioma cancer cells move along the blood vessels in the brain. 

In the evening we had a really nice and plentiful dinner at our host association UGIS member Pia Bassi. Nice discussions, wine and excellent food — what a perfect combination!

EUSJA visit to IFOM. Foto: Cinzia Boschiero.


Visit to Research energy systems (RSE S.p.A). There we had an opportunity to get acquainted and discuss withspecialists about the energy issues: sustainability of the energy sources, current energy crisis, smart electricity systems, renewable energy. And since we were a group of eager science journalists we really had a lot of questions! The discussion was really fruitful! We also had an opportunity to visit the laboratories and different research areas.

Visit to CNR, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Technologies ’Giulio Natta’ (SCITEC) and Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology. We met many researchers from different research projects and heard for example about the future of plastics: how plastics can be made from renewable sources. We also discussed about the future of food production: gmo-plants and how food production could become more sustainable. 


Guided tour to Museum of Science Milano. EUSJA members had opportunity to meet and discuss with researchers who work in the European projects of the museum. 

Impressions about the trip to Milan 

by Marina Hofmanova (Huzvarova), Czech republic :

“The first in-person EUSJA General Assembly after the disruption due to COVID was like a family meeting. This is how I would describe my feelings from this year´s GA EUSJA in Milan. Thanks to our Italian colleagues we got a chance to see each other again in person, not only on-line. We experienced not only a purely collegial meeting accompanied by study trips, but also very personal and friendly invitations to our colleagues’ homes for delicious Italian food and drinks. It was in this wonderfully friendly atmosphere that the extremely important matter of electing our new board was finally accomplished. Having overcome our ailments of the past, EUSJA could thus be handed into new unblemished hands. And just like we are seeing elsewhere, our Science Journalists´ Association now stands on the threshold of our reboot. Where there is common interest and effort, the desired result will follow.

And apart from the EUSJA GA, my trip to Milan was significant to me for another important reason: It took place at the time of the presidential elections in my country. Therefore, I made sure to vote for the Czech president at the polling station of the Czech consulate in the beautiful city of Milan. Long live the EUSJA!”

by Mari Heikkilä, Finland:

”In Milan I noticed how important it is for science journalists from different countries to meet and keep in touch with each other. It was good to discuss with the colleagues and hear experiences about the current situation, such as fake science news, energy crisis and a polarization of political opinions. We had a really nice and fruitful meeting. Special thanks to UGIS and FASTmembers for organizing the meeting! We had a splendid time together in Italy and a very interesting and diverse scientific program.”

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