EUSJA’s «blood infusion» at the Helsinki conference – some materials from the workshop

EUSJA workshop at the 2013 Helsinki World Conference
of Science Journalists on «Blood Infusion»

Wolfgang-introEUSJA is committed to raise the professional standards. At the 8th World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki, it ran a training workshop for some 30 colleagues from around the world.

It addressed three major challenges of the job: investigation*, statistics, storytelling.

The lecturers Hans van Maanen, Angela Posada-Swafford and Fabio Turone are all seasoned science journalists. Here you find their curricula & summaries, pix & interviews, in one word: the ESSENTIALS.

They may serve as a guide and thanks to WCSJ 2013 for having enabled this!

Wolfgang C. Goede, Session Organizer

*) Watch new developments on Investigative Data Journalism ->;;

A few impressions from the presenters and some participants
(7 short videos, you can skip from one to another
– Apologies for the bad quality of the audio)

Wolfgang C. Goede holds a master’s degree in political and communication science (LMU Munich: 1984) and a specialization in science journalism. He has served as an editor for Germany’s leading popular science magazine P.M. for 28 years. The resident of Munich is a board member of the German Association of Science Writers TELI and co-initiator of its Science Debate (, co-founder of the World Federation of Science Journalists WFSJ and a member of the International Science Writers Association ISWA. Since 2012 Wolfgang has been the Honorary Secretary of the European Science Journalists EUSJA. He served as a member of the British Council’s Science Think Tank and has been the speaker and co-organizer of numerous journalistic workshops (ESOF, PCST, WCSJ). His engagement revolves around the state of the art of science journalism, its ethics and history, democratic claims and reality.