Federation gears up for World Conference 2015 Seoul

Federation GA Copenhagen 00113 years ago, EUSJA helped to create the World Federation of Science Journalists WCSJ. At the General Assembly, held during Euroscience Open Forum ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen, the offspring presented itself as a sturdy grown-up who is adapting to a rapidly changing media landscape.

The Federation has set an historical landmark with its training programs (SCJOOP) for science journalists in Africa, Arabia and currently in Southeast Asia. Now, under the guidance of its new executive director Damien Chalaud, it is going to diversify its portfolio, run more activities, become more flexible and explore new funding streams. Training may involve not only journalists but also university teachers to communicate and disseminate their research broadly in the public. “Multiple entry points have become necessary”, explained Chalaud.

Federation president Dr. Chul Joong Kim laid out the planning for the upcoming world conference in Seoul. It is scheduled next year from June 8 through June 12 and will be convened under the motto “Let’s expand our horizons”. Chul Joong Kim regretted a slow start, but now everything will fall into place. He promised that during the ESOF week the website will go online and that by November the program will be completed. Despite generous funding by the Korean government he could not yet oversee the budget and whether there will be enough money to help journalists with traveling aids and grants.Federation GA Copenhagen 005

EUSJA president Satu Lipponen reported on last year’s world conference in Helsinki which she chaired. With 800 participants and a very attractive program it turned out a full success. She outlined that the 1st European Conference for Science Journalists -> https://www.eusja.org/past-meets-future-science-between-rock-women-hippy-power-report-1st-european-conference-for-sci-journs-ecsj, the  EUSJA strategy process and the reinvention drive -> https://www.eusja.org/mingling-changing-critical-together were a helpful outcome of the Helsinki world conference.