A few notes, and images, after ESOF 2012 in Dublin

Barbie Drillsma & president emritus Hajo Neubert along with Jens Degett, new chairman of the Danish Science Journalists, who hosted this reception and looked after the publicity by handing out custom-made invitation flyers.
***So very special thanks to him and his organization***

I invite you to look at the photographs Wolfgang posted in the photo gallery here.

They show the EUSJA stand during the ESOF meeting in Dublin. The stand wasn’t always this busy but it was buzzing then as we hosted a reception for our colleagues from Denmark who were delighted to meet so many EUSJA members. Jens Degget, whom many of you know from the days when all GAs were held in Strasbourg, is the Danish Science Journalists’ new president and he generously paid for the event.
Throughout our days in Dublin the board worked tirelessly to fulfil the promise we made at the General Assembly to network and promote the name and ideals of EUSJA. We all came back exhausted and no it wasn’t the Guinness. I only had a half!
In the next few days more material from ESOF shall be posted but let me say a big thank you to all those who brought over sweets and goodies from across Europe. It is blatant blackmail I know but when there are piles of freebies on display, people come and look and pick and it gives us a chance to get the message across.

Regards to all,




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