Invitation to Eusja study trip to Uppsala, Sweden, 25–27 May 2011

SFVJ – the Swedish association of science journalists – invites 20 science journalists to an Eusja study trip to Uppsala, Sweden, 25–27 May 2011.
Normal Eusja rules apply.

Uppsala is a university town situated 70 kilometers north of Stockholm (35 kilometers north of Stockholm Arlanda international airport) There are both trains and busses from the airport to Uppsala.

Here is a preliminary programme:

Wednesday 25 May
Afternoon. EUSJA-journalists arrive in Uppsala from Arlanda airport.
Welcome mingle with Swedish science journalists at restaurant and jazz club ”Katalin” in the evening (Participants will have to pay at least part of the cost themselves).

Hotel near the railway station.

Thursday 26 May
Visit Uppsala university, Ångströmlaboratoriet – the physics department.
Visit SLU – Swedish university of agriculture.
Lunch and visit at SGU – the Swedish geological survey. Information about research in carbon dioxide sequestering, prospecting and mining, the seafloor in the Baltic etc.
Dinner sponsored by Uppsala kommun.

Evening stroll visiting occational bars by the Fyris river before going back to the hotel.

Friday 27 May
Visit to Swedish Radio’s department for science, which is located in Uppsala.
Luch somewhere.
Visits to Uppsala cathedral , the castle, the university library Carolina Rediviva, the museum of science history in the 17th century building Gustavianum etc.
Train or bus to the airport. Good-bye.

More detailed information will follow later.

Apply to

before 10 May 2011

Welcome to Sweden.