Letter to the Science Journalists in Japan

To our colleagues in
the Medical Journalists Association of Japan and
the Japanese Science Journalists Association

Dear Secretary-General Ryu Kondoh,
dear President Shun’ichi Takaebe

your friends across Europe are watching and listening to the unfolding crisis which is so severely affecting your country. We are desperately sorry.

We are aware that many of you will have been directly involved in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. We are certain there will be those who have family and friends caught up in these horrors. Others are bound to be troubled by the reporting of these incidents.

As you may know, the World Congress of Science Journalists took place in 1992, initiated by EUSJA and Japanese Science journalists. This led to the inauguration of the World Federation in 2002.

Tonight EUSJA is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Budapest with two colleagues, Istvan Palugyai and Werner Hadon who were present in Tokyo in 1992, along too with representatives of 24 different countries. We have raised our glasses to you in a token of our solidarity, sympathy and continuing support.

With kind regards

The EUSJA board:

Hanns-J. Neubert (President), Barbara Drillsma (Vice-President), Elmar Veerman (Treasurer), Viola Egikova (Honorary Secretary)