Marinexus, a wonderful science show on the ecosystem of the Channel – by Barbie Drillsma

I am on a five and a half hour cross channel crossing between Plymouth and Roscoff. I’ve sat in the sun, been drenched with spray, walked around the shops and eaten. Now what? Well a surprising diversion is a wonderful science show – Marinexus – aimed to show both children and adults, mechanisms of ecosystem change in the Western part of the Channel.

What a good idea. Kids are engrossed in untwining seaweed and algae and learning how they are affected by the large tidal range in this stretch of sea. There are examples of phytoplankton whose hard calcareous plates are being weakened by acidification, eventually leading to extinction.

Congratulations to this fine example of Anglo French co-operation. The UK’s Marine Biological -Association, Plymouth Marine Lab and the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science have joined forces with the Roscoff Biological Station and the Seaweed Discovery Centre. Brittany Ferries are the hosts and is towing behind us on board the Armorique is the world’s longest CPR – continuous plankton recorder. Impressive!

The show runs every day during summer school holidays throughout all crossings. Right show is over. Now it’s balloon man’s turn!