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  • Last and First Dance

    Last and First Dance

    Day 4 and end of WCSJ 2015 Seoul. Last sessions with dwindling attendance, while the General Assembly of the World Federation got under way. Final act: The closing ceremony with a little Oscar taste and the announcement of the WCSJ 2017 venue, hot contest between Europe and the US. The GA was off to a…

  • Who am I? And if so—how many?

    Who am I? And if so—how many?

    The title of a famous German bestseller applies to science journalists. Day 3 of WCSJ 2015 Seoul tried to identify a rare species by the name of _science journalist_. But before, yesterday’s sexism session blew over, delayed in time and brought some unpredicted results. It was in the evening hours. Young Koreans, highly skillfully and determined,…

  • Fukushima REVISITED—World Conference 2015 Program

    Fukushima REVISITED—World Conference 2015 Program

    Many colleagues will remember ESOF 2012 Dublin. EUSJA had organized a science debate on the future of energy with a focus on the FUKUSHIMA REACTOR MELTDOWN. We had two prominent Japanese panelists. Mariko Takahashi, editor of Asahi Shimbun, criticized a “media meltdown”, fanned also by European media, zeroing in on “printing rumors, sensations” and promoting “hysterical…