The Climate Symposium in Darmstadt

meteoThe Climate Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany – 13-17 October 2014
The symposium will bring together scientists, decision makers and the world’s space agencies to discuss the current state of knowledge about the Earth’s climate and future climate monitoring priorities, in particular using satellites.

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The meeting is being organised by the World Climate Research Programme ( and EUMETSAT .

Entry to the symposium
Accredited journalists have free entry to the symposium. If you wish to be registered for the symposium and receive a press badge, please contact using the subject “Climate Symposium EUSJA”.

The organizers can also offer financial support to cover travel costs (flights and accommodation) for a maximum of five science journalists, on application. If you wish to apply for funding please make this clear when you apply to be registered and provide examples of relevant work. The deadline for funding applications is the 15 September 2014 and funding will be allocated on a case-by-case basis.