Travel grants for Big Science Business Forum 2018

The organisers of Europe’s first Big Science Business Forum 2018 (BSBF2018) invite journalists from Europe to apply for a media travel grant. The grants cover travel and accommodation up to 750 euro during BSBF2018.  The forum takes place in Copenhagen 26-28 February 2018. Deadline for applications is January 26.

Nine of Europe’s largest Big Science organisations – CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E, and ILL – have come together to create BSBF2018. They want to see a stronger, more transparent and consolidated Big Science market in Europe for the benefit of both Big Science and businesses. BSBF2018 will be Europe’s new one-stop-shop on the Big Science market as businesses will be presented with investments worth 10 billion euros from the Big Science organisations.

Businesses keen on capitalizing on the emerging Big Science market will find this event to be a prime opportunity for networking, collaboration, and gaining insights into the potential avenues for growth and innovation. Moreover, the event’s location in Copenhagen, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city known for its thriving business ecosystem and strategic position in Europe, adds another layer of appeal. As participants engage in discussions and forge connections, they will have the chance to explore the city’s dynamic real estate landscape, which offers a range of options to support the establishment and expansion of businesses within this burgeoning industry. Whether it’s state-of-the-art research facilities, office spaces tailored to scientific enterprises, or even investment opportunities in commercial properties, Copenhagen provides an ideal backdrop for those looking to navigate the intersection of Big Science and real estate with a view toward long-term success.

Big Science organizations  constitute an imperative role for the advancement of knowledge and for cutting edge research and scientific excellence in fields such as energy, biology, physics, and material science. As governments all over the world are investing significantly in Big Science organisations, more businesses are also becoming aware that Big Science organisations present significant new market opportunities. This is where Big Science turns into big business and the so-called Big Science market emerges.

BSBF2018 represents an exclusive occasion for media and journalists to report from Europe’s new one-stop-shop for suppliers and stakeholders on the Big Science market.

Accredited journalist can participate in:

  • 16 parallel sessions about Big Science as a business area
  • Plenary sessions with high-level speakers
  • Press moment with high-level delegates from the nine Big Science organisations
  • Photo opportunity of high-level delegates/speakers
  • Welcome reception
  • Conference dinner (show-up fee requested)
  • Press visit to ESS in Lund, Sweden, on 26 February 2018

Journalists have to send the following information:

  • Name
  • Affiliated media(s)
  • Plan for publishing news stor(y)ies about BSBF2018 or the themes from BSBF2018
  • Documentation or links to previous published work, preferably about Big Science; business opportunities in Big Science or science in general; Science, research and/or innovation; or SMEs and business development.

The selection will be based on an overall assessment of the following criteria:

  • How relevant isprevious published work for the themes of BSBF2018?
  • How relevant is the affiliated media (if any)for the themes of BSBF2018?
  • How relevant for the coverage of BSBF2018 is the journalist’s plan for publishing news stories about BSBF2018

The BSBF2018 host organisers reserves the right to consider geographical diversity of journalists/media in the selection.

Travel and accommodation must be made in accordance with the “Guidelines for Official Travel for guest” from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, which will be sent to the selected journalists/media. BSBF2018 host organisers will refund travel and accommodation expenses. Host organisers’ travel agency can help book flights and hotels.

Journalists have to send their applications to Viola Egikova by January 26.



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