EUSJA study trip and GA Helsinki 2024

Well, how did it go? -EUSJA GA & Study trip in Helsinki, 13-15.3.2024

EUSJA study trip and GA Helsinki 2024

EUSJA had an annual meeting, GA (General Assembly), and a study trip in Helsinki 13.-15.3.2024. By clicking on the image, you can read the report (in pdf form) written by the Mari Heikkilä, the president of EUSJA, about the general meeting and study trip.

And here are more reports and articles about the study trip and GA in Helsinki:

Gabriella Bernardi: Ice, quantum computer, bacteria and CubeSat. Or new elements of science.

In TELI (Germany) webpages: “EUSJA-Rahmenprogramm: Finnisches Tagebuch” by Peter Knoll.

In TELI webpages: “Podiumsdiskussion: Wissenschaftsjournalismus europaweit unter Druck” by Peter Knoll.

EUSJA study trip to Finland, a Youtube-video by Gabriella Bernardi, UGIS (Italy)

In AEC2 (Spain) webpages: “La AEC2 asiste a la reunión anual de la EUSJA” by Lucia Torres.