What will power Europe’s future?

EUSJA session at ESOF 2012 in Dublin, Ireland:

Date: July 15
Time: 13:15 – 14:45
Place: Wicklow Hall 2B, ESOF venue
Link: http://x.co/laN0

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The catastrophic failure of the Japanese power plant in Fukushima has divided Europe over the future use of nuclear energy. In almost every country, there have been calls to reassess the risks and benefits of nuclear power and to slow down the construction of new power plants.

The European debate raises some critical, and difficult, questions. This workshop will explore the societal, cultural and journalistic concerns. It will look at science journalism coverage of the tensions between science/technology, economical constraints and political purposes using the example of nuclear power and energy in general.

Debaters will trigger an audience discussion about old and new roles for science journalism in democratic processes using the example of nuclear power and energy in general. A final summary may eventually lead to an action plan for a new role for science journalists in societal, scientific and political debates.

President Barbie Drillsma will moderate the session. Speakers are

  • Mariko Takahashi (Asahi Shimbun, Japan)
  • Wolfgang Goede (P.M./Knowledge Matters magazine, Germany; EUSJA Honorary Secretary)
  • Edward Sykes (Science Media Centre, London, UK)

As debaters we have

  • Fumio Arakawa (Global Engineering Institute, Japan)
  • Viola Egikova (Moskowskaya Pravda, Russia; EUSJA Vice President)
  • James Cornell (International Science Writers Association, USA)


  • Hanns-J. Neubert hajo@eusja.org

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