Author: Gorm Palmgren

  • How a Fraudulent Doctor Discredited Vaccines

    How a Fraudulent Doctor Discredited Vaccines

    Fake news becomes dead serious for human health when the English doctor Andrew Wakefield publishes his fake research results in 1998. But many others are to blame in a new era of science scepticism where real experts are questioned and anyone can rise to experts. By Gorm Palmgren, freelance science journalist writing for EUSJA’s NUCLEUS…

  • The Great Climate Lie

    The Great Climate Lie

    The ice cap is expanding on Antarctica, so there is nothing to be afraid of, and global warming is anyway entirely natural and for our own benefit. The claims of the climate sceptics are repeatedly rejected by researchers as either directly wrong or simply misleading. But the advocates of the man-made climate change are opposed…

  • Give The Scientific News A Critical Inspection

    Give The Scientific News A Critical Inspection

    Fake news flourish abundantly in science. Interest groups may distort research results in the media so they apparently support their attitude, and scientists can exaggerate the potential applications of their research to stir public interest that might lead to more founding money. Knowing the pitfalls where science news become problematic is essential when you get…

  • How can we align the “two worlds” of RRI and Media?

    As part of the NUCLEUS project, EUSJA will conduct a series of interviews with science journalists. The questions will focus on the experiences, attitudes and perceptions of science journalists, and the aim will be to understand how RRI principles can be imbedded into the thier work. We strongly encourage you to participate in the interviews. The…

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