How can we align the “two worlds” of RRI and Media?

As part of the NUCLEUS project, EUSJA will conduct a series of interviews with science journalists. The questions will focus on the experiences, attitudes and perceptions of science journalists, and the aim will be to understand how RRI principles can be imbedded into the thier work. We strongly encourage you to participate in the interviews.


The NUCLEUS project is initiating an exploration of how science journalists as representatives of the media relate to RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) in geographically and culturally diverse environments. The study will investigate what barriers the media might have to RRI and capture novel ways of embedding RRI principles into the work of science journalists and their institutions. Primary outcomes of the study will be to question existing standards in science journalism and to develop new demands for the future.

EUSJA will play a central task in the study and the first task will be to conduct 20 interviews with science journalists representing our national associations. The interviews focus on the experiences, attitudes and perceptions of science journalists and will address the many different ways they work, what criteria are used to select news stories, how the public can be engaged in scientific debates etc.

The outcome of the 20 interviews conducted by EUSJA and 14 more interviews made by other NUCLEUS partners will be analysed and used as the basis for a focus group meeting taking place at the European Conference of Science Journalists in Copenhagen at the end of June. During the conference, an in-person survey will be conducted by the partner from Rhine-Waal University, Germany. Finally, EUSJA and the NUCLEUS partner University of Aberdeen will wrap it all up in a so-called Field Trip Report.

All science journalists in EUSJA are strongly encouraged to participate in the interviews. We will ask you 12 simple questions and you can answer them by email or phone/Skype, whatever is more convenient for you. If you are interested, please write to Gorm Palmgren in Copenhagen at and I will contact you right away.