EUSJA scholarships for ESOF


Four science journalists received EUSJA scholarships to attend ESOF in Copenhagen this June. 

Originally there were announced 3 scholarships, but while the discussion of candidates EUSJA president Satu Lipponen proposed to add the fourth grant for the nominee of Catalan association – a young free-lance science journalist successfully working for several digital media. The board supported this proposal. The winners are:
Martina Preiner – Germany (WPK), 
Alexander Safta – Romania,
Jesús Hidalgo Bravo – Spain (AECC), 
Angela Bernardo-Álvarez (ACCC).


We expect, the scholars will share their impressions from ESOF to our web page and will report also from EUSJA stragedy debates, European Conference of Science Journalists organized by Danish association along with EUSJA, EUSJA session to ESOF.  See the planning of EUSJA activities in Copenhagen this June in coming posts.


About Viola Egikova

Viola Egikova - science journalist based in Moscow, president of Intellect, former Vice-President of the European Union of Science Journalists' Associations, Programme Coordinator of All Russia Science Festival