Favourable Response of Prague Study Trip – by Marina Huzvarova

Prague’s EUSJA Study Trip in March met with favourable response.
It was organised by the Academic Bulletin, an official magazine of Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR). The very first result of the Study Trip at Lysolaje Campus came from Kaianders
Sempler, who published an article in the journal NyTeknik based on the address of Milan Hájek of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of ASCR. Professor Hájek spoke on the use of microwave technology to dry books damaged by the 2002 devastating floods in Prague. This article with illustration came to the attention of the San Martín National University in Buenos Aires that suffered flash floods in early April. Its president Carlos Ruta asked for the assistance and cooperation of the ICPF regarding the drastic consequences of the flooding which affected the University library and its many books. According to University representatives, the methods that exist in Argentina are still very craft-centered and traditional and so they sought  expert help from abroad. Professor Hájek confirmed his Institute is assisting in salvaging and restoring thousands of books of the Argentine university.