Austerity in European Research – a special issue of “Euroscientist”

Austerity has taken its toll on European research and has disturbed its cycles. Particularly affected are scientists from Southern Europe.

The Euroscientist magazine–the first pan-European magazine for scientists and by scientists published by Euroscience — brings citizen journalism to the science community. In its latest Special Issue, the Euroscientist shares testimonies from scientists in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal confronted to austerity.

The Euroscientist brings an analysis of the impact of such conditions on scientists who stayed and on those who were forced to emigrate. This issue also presents testimonies of researchers sharing their experience of navigating the troubled waters of recession, when it comes to maintaining a seemingly steady research career path.

Problems identified in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece underlined the vital need to develop a public debate, beyond Southern European borders.
This is the goal of this special issue: to focus the wider European science community’s attention on how to solve research issues across Europe.

Here is the Table of contents: