Next time – when first plasma!


EUSJA journalists to Cadarache

19 science journalists from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and UK attended the EUSJA study trip to Cadarache in southern France to learn more about the promising international ITER project. During 2 days of 22 and 23 April they have met scientists and engineers, visited the ITER construction site which will dramatically evolve this year since the blanket system of a grandiose experimental machine is now ready to proceed to the manufacturing stage. Here in Cadarache is expected to prove that fusion is an energy source of the Future…

Science journalists no doubt will share their impressions from this very interesting study trip to our web page. EUSJA Board thanks ITER Organization, ITER Division of Communication and External Relations for invitation. As it was said, next time – when first plasma!



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